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05 June

Pay what you like...

To celebrate the launch of their new eBook Bookstore, Blemish Books is asking readers to name their price!

For a limited time you can download Fall On Me and/or Triptych Poets: Issue One and pay whatever you want.

That’s right… pay nothing, pay $5, pay $100! It’s totally up to you. Simply adjust the price in the checkout pop-up box and be on your way.

Check out the new store now!

03 May

The 2013 SPN roadshow continues at the Clunes Booktown Festival

As part of the Small Press Network’s suite of member services in 2013 we are running a roadshow of events across Australia with the aim of providing networking and professional development for SPN members as well as an opportunity to engage with wider publishing networks and promote the products of SPN members.

Over the weekend of May 4th/5th, SPN will appear at the Clunes Booktown Festival in a few events. Have a look at the festival program to see what’s on in Clunes over the weekend.

Three authors from three SPN member publishers will speak on a small press themed panel on Saturday at 11am. The authors are Balli Kaur Jaswal (Sleepers Publishing), Leah Swann (Affirm Press) and Jane Rawson (Transit Lounge). The panel will be hosted by SPN’s programming and publicity manager Sam Cooney, and will feature an open and frank discussion about the author’s varied experiences with small press publishing.

On Sunday at 11:30am Cooney will then play host to an event titled ‘The Art of Book Design’, which will feature three of Australia’s best book designers, WH Chong, Josh Durham and Sandy Cull. Cooney will also be taking part in the Newstead Short Story Tattoo ‘Fire Stories’ event on the Saturday night.

Check out the festival event schedule for full details.

If you’re in Clunes this weekend, come and say hello!

21 February

SPN roadshow kicks off in Sydney on March 5th: Publishing Insider

As part of the Small Press Network’s suite of member services in 2013 we are running a roadshow of 13 events across Australia with the aim of providing networking and professional development for SPN members as well as an opportunity to engage with wider publishing networks and promote the products of SPN members.

The format of the evening will include a panel discussion about a topic of interest to publishing folk, a short reading, and plenty of time for mingling and networking with other member organisations.

If you’re an SPN member who would like to play host to the next Publishing Insider event in your capital city please email us admin@smallpressnetwork.com.au.

The invitation is open to all – please see the event listing for details … and tell your friends!

It’s 2013 already – is there a good reason to still spend money printing books when reading digitally has become mainstream? The first topic ‘Why print?’ will feature three Sydney publishers discussing the print medium and making some predictions on the future of the form … how long until digital is the only way to publish?

Berkelouw Books (19 Oxford St, Paddington), Upstairs wine bar Tuesday March 5, 6pm–8pm

Come join us for a drink and mingle at this first in a series of ‘publishing insider’ events happening around the country in 2013.

Click on the image to see full size… Publishing_insider__1_Why_print

04 February

New General Manager Announced for the Small Press Network

The Small Press Network is thrilled to announced the recent appointment of Mary Masters to the position of General Manager.

Masters, who is also the chair of the Emerging Writers' Festival board, has worked in the publishing industry for more than nine years, and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as a passion for the ongoing development of high-quality, industry-leading independent publishing. The SPN board were immensely impressed with her natural leadership skills and enthusiasm for the organisation’s recent successes and future development.

Former General Manager Zoe Dattner, who was in the role for four years, says: ‘I’m rapt to be handing over this role to Mary. I feel a great deal of affection for this organisation and I know that, in Mary’s hands, it will continue to do wonderful things.’

Masters begins her new position on February 5th.

31 January

Broadsheets, bookworms and the bookpocalypse: New magazine "Materiality" launched

What do these three things have in common? They can all be found inside the first issue of Materiality, a themed journal including fiction, essay, images and poetry, focusing on the physical and the material. Issue one was released in December 2012 with the theme of ‘the book’.

Digital publishing formats are changing the material definition of the book—once books were made with parchment and leather, then paper and card, and now, increasingly, plastic and glass. Periods of technological upheaval are always times of loss and opportunity, anxiety and excitement.

These themes have been explored by our contributors. In “The age of parchment” Libby Melzer looks at how parchment influenced the spread of information throughout the western world and why, despite its material advantages, in couldn’t compete with paper. Then, in the late nineteenth century, traditional letterpress printing was replaced by the linotype machine. Carolyn Fraser’s article “Words in their hands: craft and the type-racing craze of 1886” looks at the skills and professional culture that were lost as letterpress faded, while observing how the new linotype machines became a tool that proud craftsmen mastered, creating a new printing culture.

The destruction of the traditional book is a persistent theme amongst contributors. In Mike Lynch’s Bookworms, mysterious “bugs” cause books to ignite—what is their purpose? In Mat Larkin’s The at least fourteen horsemen of the bookpocalypse, Fire, Light, Water and Censorship gather to observe the coming of the Destroyer. Chris Miles discovers a letter from notorious bibliophile William Blades to a friend, reminding him of all the ways in which a book could be damaged in his care. Kelly Gardiner (author of the award-nominated YA novel Act of Faith) writes about banned books throughout the centuries.

Others write about change. Shirley Cameron reflects on the changes to the seminal cookbook Cookery the Australian Way over the years. Kirsty Leishman and Mike Lynch write about our changing newspapers. Book artists Gracia & Louise and Nicholas Jones write about how they alter printed books to create new artistic works.

You can also find articles, poems and photographs on papermaking,http://spunc.com.au/admin/content/nws/2990/edit_post/new# pop-ups and prize books, moving with books, developing a dictionary and reading on the toilet.

The aim of Materiality is to explore the materials that make up our world and how they influence our reactions, decisions, our relationships and our societies—to be read for pleasure but perhaps letting you learn a little something at the same time.

Materiality is available at pinknantucket-press.myshopify.com. The hard copy and digital bundle is $10 (plus postage) and includes a special edition zine in the back pocket. The digital-only bundle (epub and pdf) is $3.95.

Materiality is published by pinknantucket press. For more information about Materiality and pinknantucket press, see pinknantucket.com.au.

Contact: Alice Cannon, chiefnantucket@gmail.com

31 January

Latest New Releases from WAKEFIELD PRESS X

A few of the highlights:

A reprint of Master of Stillness: Jeffrey Smart paintings 1940-2011 by Barry Pearce which sold out in a flash during his recent exhibitions in Adelaide and the Tarrawarra Museum of Art.

Dead by Friday: How lust and greed led to murder in the suburbs by Derek Pedley – a gripping, true crime tale of a contract killing.

Can a Duck Swim? An Autobiography by June Porter – a young woman’s adventure to India during the time of the British Raj and an insight into an exotic bygone era.

Hot Titles for 2013 and some favourite vego faves.

check out the Wakefield website here

31 January

Lip Magazine: Writing Competition

Greetings writers and writing enthusiasts,

I’m emailing you on behalf of Lip Magazine to tell you about our writing competition, The Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction. As Lip is a feminist magazine, the theme of our competition is ‘Herstory’, a play on the word ‘history’ and with a focus on women’s stories. And anyone can enter! We thought your colleagues and community may be interested in participating — the details are below. (Entries close midnight on February 28.)

In celebration of women’s voices, Lip is launching The Rachel Funari Prize for Fiction.

This is a themed fiction competition, open to all ages and genders. Rachel Funari, the namesake of the competition, was the founding editor of Lip. Tragically, Rachel went missing in 2011, while on holiday in Tasmania. We are launching the prize in her honour, because she was determined to better the lives and opportunities for young women.

As Lip is a feminist magazine, the theme of our competition is ‘Herstory’, a play on the word ‘history’ and with a focus on women’s stories. And ANYONE CAN ENTER!

All entries must be:

  1. original pieces of writing.
  2. previously unpublished, unperformed, and not entered into any other competition.
  3. up to 2000 words.

We’re looking for creative, insightful fiction that addresses the theme in any kind of way. Our competition will be judged by Lip chief editors and a panel of esteemed judges: Clementine Ford (feminist speaker, writer and radio broadcaster) Karen Pickering (host of Cherchez La Femme and organiser of SlutWalk Melbourne) Kat Muscat (Editor of Voiceworks) Sophie Cunningham (writer, editor and Chair of the Literature Board of the Australia Council) Zoe Dattner (Creative Director of Sleepers Publishing and General Manager of SPUNC)
We will reveal prizes within the next month, but for now we can promise you they include libraries of Australian contemporary literature, opportunities to work with members of the publishing community and monetary rewards!

Entries are now open, and they close midnight on Thursday 28th February. The winners will be announced at an event in April. Winning entries will be published in a special print edition of our magazine and online at our website.

This prize is proudly supported by Express Media, Writers Victoria, Sleepers Publishing, Spinifex Press and Scribe Publications.

For more information about the prize, please visit the official info page (http://lipmag.com/featured/the-rachel-funari-prize-for-fiction/) or contact Amy and Ruby at competitions@lipmag.com.

Happy writing, Lipsters!

31 January

Freerange Vol.5 Launch: Dangerous & Wrong

Dangerous & Wrong is a phrase lifted from the angry rants of passionate moralists, concerned parents, confused bureaucrats, environmentalists, anti-drugs campaigners, presidents and other generally authoritative and, in some instances, well intentioned souls.

Freerange Vol.5 was launched in Vietnam last month, to spectacular fanfare and much confusion. Check it out here

Buy your issue here for $10!

31 January

submit to CORDITE

Less than a month left to get your submission into Gig Ryan’s NO THEME II issue. Please consider submitting.

Cordite 41: TRANSPACIFIC is on track to go down / go off as planned on 1 February.


24 January

Small Press Network: Top Ten writers’ resources in Melbourne

When it comes to loving literature, Melbourne is spoiled for choice. Under UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, Melbourne joined Edinburgh as one of the world’s only designated City of Literature.'

The Small Press Network takes it’s place among a thriving and dynamic community offering support to believers in the word, no matter what denomination they belong to. From festivals and book clubs to writers studios and independent magazines, we’ve got word worms covered.

check out the timeout article here: www.timeout.com